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    :   2003-01-27 15:39:12

    Being personally familiar with Harvard's program, and with Ukraine's environment in management education, I was hoping for more value-added from this article. A short list of "we should consider x, y, and maybe z" is merely rehashing somebody else's wisdom. It's easy to criticize somebody else's work. Even benchmarking requires serious assessment of measurement criteria to isolate those distinctive features that are appropriate for one's own circumstances. Such a list would have added value to this commentary from a structural perspective.

    From a content perspective, I don't remember ever hearing anybody at Harvard or at any American educational institution say that the main goal of education is "to instill values."

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    Discussing values and principles is currently fashionable in organizational circles. Although inarguably important, these concepts are but building blocks as are strategy, systems thinking, etc. To my understanding, the goal of western education is to develop those critical thinking skills which will allow students (future leaders) to make informed strategic life decisions. "Instilling values" is a dangerously subjective process. Citizens with a soviet legacy are painfully aware of this.

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    :   2003-01-30 15:20:51


    Your serious comment brought my attention to this article which I would not have read otherwise. As an educator myself assigned the thankless task of transforming educational policy in a "transitional economy" I applaud your concern for accuracy and quality of publications.

    It is crucial for educators, policy planners and all conscientious stakeholders in education to realize the effect that role models have on the "next generation." Unavoidably, we as policy makers are to some extent forced to select those characteristics we would like to see reflected in our future leaders. In many cases these are our children.

    For this reason you are right to raise the alarm about quality and thoughtfulness in academic writings, especially when the "next generation" has the most to win or lose. Best practices should be "good" examples. During a transitional period we should ALL try harder, especially educators!



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