ВАКАНСИИ: Chief Marketing Officer
(вакансия от 15.04.2021)
Регион: Львів
Зарплата: 70000 грн.
Вид занятости: повна зайнятість
Опыт работы: від 2 років
Образование: вища

Looking for a company, that works in fields of software development and implementations of complex solutions in IT? How about consulting, web development, international law projects and state investment programs? Well, you got it!
YourQuery is your destination, as we are perfectionists with a comprehensive approach to creating and promoting our products and knowledge of what an effective business should be. Never boring, always up to speed!
Join a perfect-match-company as CMO and apply asap, if:
- You have experience in managing a digital marketing department min. 3 years, with at least 10 people in a team.
- You have experience in building a similar department from scratch in the travel field will be your advantage.
- You are good at setting Ads for different platforms FB/Inst, VK, Bloggers YouTube/Inst, Google Ads, Yandex Direct.
- You nailed techniques of web page development and creative production.
- You have a strong knowledge of analytics, traffic analysis and marketing hypothesis testing techniques.
- You have experience in working with large-scale budgets.

The tasks you will face working with us:
- Lead Generation.
- Pack a new company product that will launch a new trend in ladders and be the hype for the next 10 years.
- Manage a well-coordinated team of internet marketers content managers, SMM-managers, context, SEO, email marketing specialists, serm specialists, PR-managers and achieve high volume of sales.
- Formation of the annual marketing plan and budget.
- Management of a 50-person marketing team mainly digital: goal setting, budgeting, KPI, improving competencies.
- Analysis and improvement of the effectiveness of existing channels to attract clients.
- Control and improvement of marketing indicators: CTR, CPA, CPO, ROMI, etc.
- Planning and control of tasks on development of the base of existing clients: increasing LTV, cross-sell, e-mail, autotunnel.
- Development and improvement of the company’s websites in terms of usability, content, A/B testing.
- Required experience with Roistat or similar, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika.
- Work with task managers, self-written CRM.
- Experience of working with marketing contractors.
- Development and implementation of marketing strategy and promotion of the company’s services on the Internet B2B, B2C.
- Internet marketing: perfomance and promotion contextual advertising, CPA-networks, media promotion video, reach promotion channels, bloggers, telegram.

It’s a win-win deal because YourQuery will provide you with:
- work in an international company.
- teambuilding and training.
- the best trainings and courses on the market for constant improvement of skills and search for new ideas.
- Modern office in the downtown Lviv.
- Team of trained professionals team players to achieve results.
- Offline English courses.
- Fast issues resolution without bureaucracy.

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