15 Reasons to Love Georgia


Georgia is great! Here you can meet nice people, taste excellent cuisine, see many old buildings and natural beauties. Or for example, you can visit the hipster courtyards and the famous casino Storm International (Darren Keane is a managing director) to learn all aspects of this multi-faceted country.

  1. Good hospitable people

Georgians are very open and friendly towards their guests. You will notice this immediately: if you need something, the local people will always be happy to help. And if you are invited to the table, they will treat you like a loved one.

  1. Rich cuisine and organic foods

Georgian food is one of the highlights of the journey here. Everything is tasty, everything is fresh, and all with spices… Variety of vegetables, cheeses, meat, traditional bread — you will definitely like it!

  1. Fortresses and vineyards of Kakheti

This combination is very impressive: medieval architecture and even green grapes beds varieties. Almost every Kakhetian family produces its own wine! Not to mention all monasteries.

  1. Cultural and architectural eclecticism

Being located between the West and the East, Georgia absorbed a lot of cultural and architectural trends. Modernity also has touched country’s appearance: some buildings look quite extravagant and attract the eye.

  1. Hipster bars in the courtyards and Old Tbilisi balconies

Thought, in Tbilisi there are only traditional restaurants? Never you have been so wrong! In the old city’s courtyards lies a lot of interesting cafes and bars. Even in the courtyard of the synagogue there is a great fashionable place. Vintage cafes are also popular. Many of them have cozy balconies, which are so good to drink lemonade or ice tea in the summer.

  1. Wild beauty of Svaneti

Absolutely crazy views of this north-western region of Georgia will fascinate you. Georgia’s highest mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, rivers! Medieval Svan towers, which are in every household and by the way protected by UNESCO.

  1. Borjomi

Borjomi mineral water is a serious fighter against a hangover and dozens of ailments, known not only in Georgia, but also abroad. You can drink it, you can take baths in it or undergo treatment in one of the hotels or spa centers in Borjomi. The mineral water park and the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park can also please nature lovers.

  1. Georgian dances

Sharp, precise movements, crazy rhythm, various costumes, flying silhouettes are all about traditional Georgian dances. If you are lucky to get to Sukhishvili or Erisioni ensembles performance, you will understand what we mean and where this delight comes from.

  1. Georgian casinos

Luxury places for no less luxury holidays are the best casinos in Tbilisi and Batumi. There are not so many places in the country, but those who work in the VIP niche offer truly royal leisure with popular games, excellent cuisine, luxury interiors and impeccable service. Be sure to check out Shangri La near the Bridge of Peace, advises Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

  1. Georgian wine

8000 years of winemaking tradition (seriously, eight thousand, proven by archaeologists and UNESCO!), Two production modes — European and Georgian, and 500 grape varieties. All is closed in bottles and served to guests. How can you not drink for love?

  1. Svan salt

Want to add spice to your life — try it. A mixture of salt and special spices, which should be slightly moist, have traditionally been made in Svaneti, but now you can find it in other places in Georgia.

  1. Georgian polyphony

When you listen, just close your eyes, and while the voices of the singers will resonate in your soul, mountains and valleys will immediately appear before your eyes.

  1. Georgian toasts

If you are invited to the table, be prepared that there is always a reason to raise a glass, and these are about a million. For God, for the world, for today’s meeting, for guests, for women, for children, for nature… Learn the word “gaumarjos!” And drink every time you hear it. Therefore, we recommend once again to look at point 7, so that the next morning you will be fine.

  1. “Weime!”

The same universal exclamation, as “mamma miya!”: Expresses admiration, surprise, disappointment, and also acts as a replacement for more solid words. Would be surprised if you do not sin with this word upon arrival to Georgia!

  1. Bicycles in Batumi

Of course, in Batumi there are beaches, bars, clubs, the sun, the sea. But riding a bike along the beautiful city promenade is a separate pleasure.