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Karl Rogers
:   2004-06-14 22:26:12

This paper was amazing! I am a college student at St Cloud State and I have used concepts such as these in my leadership team with a Student Organization called the Medical Professions Association. (http://studentorg.stcloudstate.edu/mpa)

Over the past year, we have used 3 main models and applied them to our organization: Peter Senge's Three Reinforcing Loops from 'The Dance of Change' (Personal Results, Network of Committed Individuals, and Organizational Results), Robert Fritz's Structural Tension charting, and Daniel Kim's Vision Deployment Matrix.

Because of our application of these concepts and theories of growth and development over the past year, as President of the Organization, I have won the St Cloud State Student Leader of the Year Award for the 2003-2004 school year.

The former Vice President and I are planning a Leadership workshop that we will be presenting in November. As of now, we are planning on discussing the 3 reinformcing loops. However, after reading this paper, along with the Presence book (Human purpose and the field of the future), we may change our presentation so that we can discuss 'theory U' and how to sense and actualize emerging futures.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge, and I look forward to futher contact in our emerging future.

 Re: ³ 'Presencing: Learning From the Future As It Emerges' ()
Ludmila Matiash
:   2004-06-15 13:03:21

Dear Karl,

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on your award and would like to thank you for your insightful comments about this article. We are delighted that you found our materials useful and are very pleased that our Website is receiving attention in different professional circles.

Because the area of business management is just being developed in Ukraine, our publication tries to address what we think are critical issues from different perspectives. You may also be interested in some of the more recent materials which have been posted by Dr. Scharmer. If you haven't already seen his new series of interviews you may want to look at this one which also deals with "theory U," http://www.dialogonleadership.org/interviewWilber.htm.

Finally, MCUa readers may be interested to know that Professor Scharmer and contributing authors of Dialog on Leadership have kindly agreed to Ukrainian translations of their materials. We look forward to posting a small selection of these on MCUa later this year.

All the best,
Ludmila Matiash
Editor, MCUa

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